Fame Wizard was founded on the simple premise of guiding Independent Artists who are serious about their music toward a pathway for success. The Career Development concept is unique to Fame Wizard® and speaks to the core of why we exist: to help develop the careers of Independent Artists. Measurable and objective development is achieved by harnessing a comprehensive educational curriculum, catalog of courses, lessons and webinars but most importantly by building a positive and productive working partnership with a Fame Wizard Coach.

Each Artist consistently works with their personal Coach who acts as a guide, career strategist, mentor, accountability partner and friend throughout their Fame Wizard experience. These Coaches also administer the curriculum, guiding Artists through educational topics relevant to today’s Independent Artist. The courses are concise, fun, interactive and serve as a starting point for many deeper and profoundly more impactful discussions when applied to the individual Artist’s needs. The catalog of courses, lessons, webinars and interviews are available online 24/7 allowing the individual Artist to customize when and how deeply they want to review the content.

Note: You will not be able to access the courses below without a valid Fame Wizard ID and password. If you’re looking for free content, check out our blog.

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Artist Questionnaire
Introduction to Fame Wizard
Understanding the New Music Industry
Building Your Fan Base Pyramid

Talk to your Coach about which courses make sense for you and in what order. Remember – there is a reason why you have a Coach! Let them guide your development so you can build a profitable and sustainable career in the music business…

Copyrighting and Legal Protection
Goal Setting
Public Relations
Using Social Networking to Engage and Grow Your Fan Base
Booking Gigs
Scheduling and Planning Tours
Building a Professional Team – Including Developing and Guiding a “Street Team”

Misc. Webinars & Interviews

Grammy winner David Paich shares music industry success secrets
Open Mics (6)
2011 Retrospective Webinar
Interview with YesLord
Interview with Shy Blakeman
Interview with JSin