I’ve sent several e-mails over the past few months about two Fame Wizard® Artists, Shy Blakeman and Kendrick Dial and the competitions they were in.  I asked for you to take a moment to listen to their material and perhaps cast a vote in their favor if you liked what you heard.  In BOTH cases, these guys earned enough votes to win.

So. Fired. Up.

I’m super pumped for Shy winning the “Live at Billy Bob’s Recording Contest.”  and Kendrick winning a“San Diego Gospel Prestige Award” for Spoken Word Artist of The Year.  Thanks to the support of their growing legions of fans, efforts in the promotional world and fellow DIY Artists, they won!  Not a nomination, or a top-ten or a runner-up…A WIN.  This is a huge deal and we couldn’t be more proud of both of these guys.

I urge all of you to get in the mix when you see competitions like these and make the most of them.  If you’re unclear about similar opportunities in your area or how to find them, apply for them, get nominated, etc – reach out to your Coach.  Winning any kind of award or contest can give your PR machine a nice kick and in some cases, break your career WIDE OPEN.

On a personal note; it’s absolutely incredible to see so many first-hand examples of all the hard work that goes in to building a career from the ground up.  Some successes out in the public domain, some behind closed doors still and many in between.  There’s a growing number of Artists on our roster that have been with us for 8, 10 and even 12 months or more that are really starting to shine.  I’m confident that in the next 6 months we’ll have more and more stories that the outside world will see as “overnight sensations…” but we know better.  I’m humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to work with so many killer Artists reaching for their dreams.  I (and the entire staff and Advisory Board at Fame Wizard®) are fully committed to helping each of you rise as far as your talent will take you.

Tony D.

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