Ian Rogers of Topspin Media is a guy that I had the opportunity to meet a couple of years back and I’ve become a huge fan and evangelist for what he and his team are doing ever since.  According to their site, Topspin helps musicians and filmmakers grow their audience and sell their work. We’ve had a handful of our Artists work with Topspin and they’ve seen some really cool results.  For some reason, they are seen as an organization that only works with elite talent, but they also have a solid stable of DIY Artists and talent on the rise taking advantage of their services.  If you haven’t taken a look yet, do yourself a favor and get over there.

When I first saw Ian speak at the New Music Seminar here in Los Angeles in 2010, he was talking about the “fan-based pyramid” in a way that was really similar to what we at Fame Wizard® have always promoted. At the New Music Seminar in 2011, he did a presentation on building an online marketing plan that can help any Artist go from obscurity, to managing a mailing list of thousands, if not tens of thousands of fans – AKA potential customers.  Take a look at his written summary of that presentation and the supplementary powerpoint that goes along with it.  Take out a pen and some paper or bookmark the page so that you can reference it later.  This is a great piece of free information you can use to start a dialogue with your band, your professional team or your Fame Wizard® Coach to get things moving in the right direction online.

CLICK HERE for the presentation.


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