If you’re offended by F-bombs you’ll want to get the bleep button ready, but carve out 45 minutes anyway and watch Dave Grohl’s Keynote from SXSW yesterday. If you’ve only got 15 minutes, start at the 35 minute mark and watch until the end…seriously, watch this. How do you define success? What’s your voice? What was your life-changing moment? Are you starting a revolution? Man I dig this guy, I sure hope you all carve out some time to hear his message. If you are feeling super pressed for time, start at 41:00, listen for 2 minutes and you’ll still get some solid perspective.


3 Responses to Dave Grohl Keynote, SXSW 2013

  1. Nikki says:

    To hear David Grohl be himself is so fantastic because he is such a normal guy, yet, perceived as a music “god”. He has such a great sense of humor and it really made people, well I’ll speak for me, feel comfortable and almost like I knew him or was speaking to him on a personal level. Of course this makes me love him more!
    Anyways, the main things I have learned from his speech was this: The musician comes first. Finding your voice is the only thing you can call your own. The dedication comes from wanting it so bad you never stop trying to reach your goal. Doing things yourself teaches the artist in you how to make things happen. There was no right or wrong because you do it the way you know how. The REWARD: Doing It Yourself / Learning to change / Open mindedness / Chance / Be Yourself / Don’t let anyone take that away from you. Don’t lose that passion. Stop comparing yourself to others. These are key elements to a musician. Not the fame, not the money, not even the popularity. What all this means is that a musician has a choice to have the freedom to do things their way, at their level and make it in the business.
    This is the same knowledge that Fame Wizard provides and it has been absolutely inspirational as well. They offer tremendous support, direction, and professional guidance to be a do-it-yourself artist. I believe in Fame Wizard because they have been there. They know that the hard work and dedication a musician puts into themselves, all comes down to your freedom and it is worth it. So I trust them.
    Taking it back to Mr. Grohl, he is a prime example of a DYI artist. Not because you save money, or because he didn’t have anyone to record with. But because he learned how to do it all from the desire to learn, to find out what he needed to do to make things happen. This is an inspirational and motivational speech because it encourages the DIY musicians to focus on the goals and how to get there without waiting for anyone else to do it for them.
    Oh and one more thing, I kinda like Phil Collins 😉

    • The Wiz says:

      Haha, Phil Collins – nothing wrong with that! Great comment Nikki and glad you enjoyed the speech as much as I did. As if we needed another reason to love this guy, right?!

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