So who exactly are you and what do you do?

We are comprised of legends of the music industry, successful indie musicians, and visionary business people who come to work each day with a common question in mind: “What can we do today to help our Artists achieve success?”

Fame Wizard® is an Artist Development Company that grows the careers of musicians through a strategic program that includes one-on-one coaching as well as insightful and inspiring lessons and webinars that teach you how to be a successful “DIY” musician, plus exclusive opportunities that expose your music to new fans and influential professionals within the music industry.

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Is Fame Wizard for me?

Do you want to make music your CAREER?  A lot of folks love playing music as a hobby and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  If you are serious about learning, working hard and getting to a point where music is your “day-job” however, apply here and a Talent Scout will get back to you as soon as possible.

At Fame Wizard® we encourage and empower Artists to take control of their music careers. Through easy to digest courses and lessons, interactive webinars, interviews with music industry experts and personalized, one-on-one coaching, Fame Wizard® offers a unique service designed with a singular goal — help Artists succeed.

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Does Fame Wizard accept everyone?


We do not accept everyone who applies for membership, but not for the reasons you might expect. When evaluating an applicant we ask, “does this person want to make music their career, can they understand the realities of the music business today and are they capable of doing the work necessary to achieve their definition of success?” If the answer is “no” to any of those questions or the applicant has a sense of entitlement about what a gift their music is to the world – we don’t walk away, we run. Artists should take pride in themselves, their craft and their perspective – no question – but also be realistic about why anyone should care.

We work with a wide swath of Artists – from folks just starting out to seasoned touring pro’s – our musical tastes and preference don’t always dictate commercial success. Of course we know what styles and genres of music are more likely to gain traction with a wide audience, but generally speaking we won’t exclude someone based on musical ability or lack of recorded music…unless they are just awful…we’ve got to cut it off somewhere.

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Do you work with Artists from specific genres?

We work with virtually every genre imaginable – and a few you probably haven’t heard of.  Want to rock the didgeridoo with a chamber orchestra?  Been there, done that.  Looking to perform in front of 20,000 ravenous metal-heads? No problem.  Looking to collaborate nationwide with up and coming rappers and producers via USTREAM?  Simple.  Bring us your problems, we’ve got the tools to solve them.  Apply today to set up a free review with one of our Talent Scouts.

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Where are the profiles of all your Artists? Can I talk to them?

Facebook, ReverbNation, SoundCloud, etc, etc, etc.  There are thousands of profile sites on the web and we’re tuned in to which ones are worth the time and energy as well as which ones are not.  We encourage our Artists to leverage the insane technology that’s at their disposal today and growing an online fan base is critical in today’s music business.

Membership at Fame Wizard® is similar to enrollment in a University like Stanford or Harvard: your classmates may know who you are, but your face and bio isn’t plastered all over the college’s website or promotional materials.  You’ll have a network of fellow Artists and alumni and may even discover opportunities to collaborate on projects virtually or in person.

Some of our Artists are happy to endorse Fame Wizard® in the public and do so on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and here on our site as well, while others are happy to remain anonymous as they become more educated and savvy in the business of music.  Search the web, read up on us all you like, ask us any question you can think of, but we ask that you respect Artist’s right to privacy as well.

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Contact info? Phone number? Address?

If you are an Artist looking to apply, please use our application page.

Administrative Offices
Fame Wizard, Inc.
308 E. Carrillo St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101


(800) 213-9450

Sales, Ext. 1
Billing, Ext. 2
Customer Service, Ext. 3

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Do you guarantee my success?

NO.  If someone says that they guarantee your success without knowing anything about you, they are either very naive or lying to you.  What we guarantee is that we’ll provide you with all the tools, training and support you need to be successful in today’s ever-changing music business. We guarantee that we’ll be available, diligent, enthusiastic and honest about what you can do to improve your career. You should know that whether you work with Fame Wizard®, any other manager or music professional, or even if you choose to go it alone; your results and development schedule will depend solely on your musical skill, ability to grow and accept critique, level of ambition, ability to execute a plan, maintain a high level of professionalism (once learned) and stay disciplined. Music is a tough business and if you’re not looking to make it a career and commit to the work that implies – Fame Wizard® may not be for you. Artists at every level can benefit from the services offered by Fame Wizard® and unlike any other service, our program will be individually tailored to meet your needs and goals as an Artist – but nothing worth doing is easy.

Remember, all we’re offering is the truth – nothing more.

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Is there a contract? Can I cancel my membership at any time?

There is no contract other than your agreement to the current Terms of Service. You can quit at anytime.

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Do I retain full ownership of my songs?

Yes, 100%. We are here to help showcase and develop your skills, not take ownership of them.

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How much does membership cost?

Membership at Fame Wizard® is priced comparably with taking private instrument or voice lessons. Discounts are available for longer term membership and additional fees may apply to specific services above and beyond our core offering. We do not take ownership, royalties or percentages so Artists keep 100% of their earnings.  Apply today to speak with a Talent Scout about which membership is right for you.

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What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit cards from American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. We also accept debit cards with a MasterCard or Visa logo and payments directly from PayPal.

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A Fame Wizard Talent Scout reached out to me – what’s up?

Congratulations. If you found out about Fame Wizard® from one of our Talent Scouts, you’ve been recognized as someone who is serious about growing your music career with the talent and drive to do exactly that. If you have not already contacted the Talent Scout that you met to learn more about how you can benefit from Fame Wizard®, go here to learn more about our program. When you’re ready to apply click here.

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What is the Fame Wizard PRO Network?

Aspiring DIY Artists are tirelessly working to get their music heard by tastemakers and influential music industry professionals. Unfortunately, many independent Artists don’t know how to get their music to these professionals, and even if they could, may not be prepared to make the most of those opportunities. The Fame Wizard® Pro Network is comprised of booking agents, tour managers, producers, label executives, venue managers and more – all looking for talent on the rise.

When an Artist is referred to a working music industry professional within the Fame Wizard® Professional Network, that person knows that the aspiring Artist is serious about their career, has demonstrated a desire to learn and grow, will be disciplined, hardworking and humble. Pro’s get access to serious, rising talent – Artists get access to ethical and exciting Pro’s – Fame Wizard® ensures the quality on both ends – EVERYBODY wins.

Click here to learn more.

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What can Fame Wizard offer Artists?

Fame Wizard® provides Artists with the tools, knowledge, and guidance to develop their music careers. Career Strategists work one-on-one with Independent Artists crafting and executing a plan to grow their careers in meaningful ways. The Fame Wizard® Professional Network exists to expose those Artists with the talent and will to succeed to tastemakers and professionals in the new music paradigm who can further advance their career. Visit the about page for more info.

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Is Fame Wizard a “manager?”

Okay…so, yes and no…this is a complex issue in today’s music business.  What 99% of aspiring Artists think a manager is and does is inaccurate. Moreover, there are several key “managers” on a high-level Artists professional team and some different names for the same role, e.g. business manager, band manager, tour manager, entertainment manager, development manager, financial manager, etc.  You get the point.

Sticking to what most people think think of, a “manager” being the person that runs the musician’s life and gets 20% for doing so – that is definitely not us.  Everybody and their brother claims to be a “manager” for some band and just as many DIY Artists claim that they’ve got a “manager” working on the classic 20% deal.  The reality is that slot is typically filled by someone after the band has started to gain meaningful traction ($10,000+ per month in revenue).  Think about it, 20% of what an Artist makes needs to be compelling enough to get the “manager” out of bed every morning and drive the business.  20% of $10,000 is $2,000 and only $1600 or so after taxes.  That’s $400 dollars per week, assuming your manager works a 40 hour per week schedule they get $10/hour!!!  Not exactly a compelling reason for that person to bust their hump for you.

On the band side of it, they may be losing $2000 to the manager, another $1000+ to a booking agent plus whatever expenses they have for touring, performing live, purchasing and selling merch, etc.  Even in a 3 piece group, the income numbers per band member get a little disappointing pretty quickly.  What’s the solution?

What we do is take a fixed fee and act as a development manager, guiding you through the steps necessary to get to the point in your career where assembling a professional team around you makes sense economically and in terms of your popularity and career growth.  In today’s new music business paradigm, many of our Artists refer to us as their manager and that’s fine.  In reality, the vast majority of what you need to do in order to be a success in the modern music era can be done very inexpensively and on your own with the guidance of a Fame Wizard® Career Strategist.

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Is Fame Wizard a “label?”

Absolutely not. Though we have relationships with many of them (large and small) – our mission is to empower independent Artists and guide them towards success.  What most Artists think labels do is pretty far from reality and while there will always be a place for honest and Artist-centric imprints, the road to fame and fortune no longer needs to pass through a record label.

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Is Fame Wizard a “scam?”


We are a team with phenomenal credentials that has invested centuries (literally) in the music business and generated hundreds of millions of dollars (literally) in revenues. We charge a fee for our services and take a great deal of pride in the value that we offer for the price. Our goal is to help artists make money instead of spending it on quick fixes and magic bullets and our focus on profitability is evident from day one. We stand confidently behind our work and challenge anyone to find a better service with proven results at a comparable price.

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