Yowzers!  I hadn’t even heard of this site until Merry told her Coach that she had received over 400,000 plays in a ridiculously short period of time.  Apparently the site is hit or miss, with some genres seeing insane traffic and activity while others get little if any action.  Definitely worth the <$20 to give it a whirl though.

Great work Merry!

UPDATE: Merry is now (Aug. 30) over 530,000 plays!  I need to dig in and see what’s going on…if anybody has insights, drop them in the comments section and share your experience.

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  1. Avi Darkbloom says:

    Hi, yes, N1M is definitely scamming us somewhere – it’s just too good to be true, the ‘fan mail’ I get. And also at first I tried to respond to dozens of email addresses of my supposed subscribers, and I got zero responses (even when I asked them explicitly to confirm by response their subscription – nice try…) and quite a few undelivered.
    I have no intention of becoming a pro-member, even though I am guessing when people review your song (as I have had requests and done so) it may be (at least in part) by real members.
    The question is whether to bother using the site at all and pay them the few dollars each month… I mean, there may well be some genuine listeners there, but I am not sure whether it’s worth it. Any suggestions…? Thanks

  2. noel carol says:

    hey all. i’ve been using n1m for a week now and the same thing is happening to me. all of those plays i’m getting / wow! and fan base. woohoo!! too good to be true. so i googled numberone music scam and all of these blogs appear./ they only want your money. not getting mine though. beware everyone.

  3. Joe Arnold says:

    I just shot n1M an email confronting the scam situation explaining that I sent out emails to my “fans” and seven the ones that had “signed up” that day got bounced back as non deliverable. This is the response I got back today:

    Inbox > Message Detail
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    Re: [N1M] Scam Scam Scam
    Dion Mcmahon (Add as Preferred Sender)
    Date: Fri, Dec 06, 2013 1:19 pm
    Joe, I’m not scammer I’m listening on No.1 to your music right this second! I LOVE it!
    I’m going to get it from itunes!

    As of this moment 10 pm…nothing

  4. Steve says:

    It is definately a scam. I Pulled all my music from the site after the first week (free trial). I continue to recieve updates on phantom plays and the phantom mailing list. Amazing how that I would have over 923 plays with no actual music to play!

  5. Brian says:

    Merry, there are many ways they can game their own numbers:

    1) N1M could simply increase the internal play numbers directly. That is, they have direct access to the stat numbers and could just add plays to that counter. Since there’s now way to verify those numbers, you have to take them at face value.

    2) They could hire cheap labor in places like Singapore, Russia and other places where they pay pennies for people to follow a procedure sheet. Meaning their script could go something like this: Sign up to the site, click play on these artist pages, send email that they like. Repeat X number of times. With a large number of people all doing this, it appears legitimate.

    When 1 and 2 are combined together, it looks like you’re getting legitimate plays. Try taking the email addresses that you’ve collected and try to do an email blast and see just how many ‘fans’ you really have there. That will tell the tale.

    Another artist did just that and got an 80% bounce rate. 80% of the email addresses were either fake or otherwise did not exist. This confirms at least #2 is in play for N1M. Whether #1 is in play, there’s no way to confirm.

    One way you could press the issue is if you are part of BMI or ASCAP. If you’re under one of these organizations, then N1M may owe you play royalties. However, N1M’s terms and conditions may attempt to overrule that by stating they you give them royalty free rights to all material you upload. So, that may not work. Of course, if you try to press this, they’ll likely just delete your artist account. Note, N1M deleted the artist account mentioned just above when he pressed the issue of the email addresses and expressing dissatisfaction by requesting a refund.

    So, be careful when trying to confront N1M with questions like this.

  6. Merry says:

    Oh…..and one more thing just in case you didn’t check this out, but I had 115,384 views at the time this screen shot was taken. I know there are a lot of e-mails that I get that say they have a song on repeat. Now each IP address only gets counted one play a day per song. So that means some of these people are playing the song more. I tried this on several different computers, and it’s true. You can only vote for a song once from the same IP address and you can only count one song play a day per song from the same address. So, let’s say the staff is adding internal plays to stack the numbers up. There should be some what to have their play logs investigated to see how many of those plays are coming from their IP addresses, or legimate ones. Is there an online agency that oversees that type of thing?

  7. Merry says:

    Brian, you have some legitmate points in your post. So are you saying that the staff is also the ones sending me all this random fan mail from accounts all over the world? I guess that puzzles me still about the site as well. Who are all these people writing to me and are they really pumped up plays from the staff?
    How would we find out for sure? Any ideas? If it is a scam, then they should be investigated to prevent other artists from being ripped off.


  8. Brian says:

    The thing about Number One Music is that you really don’t know who is listening. Considering that you have been in the industry for as long as you have and ‘never heard of’ N1M indicates the exact problem with that site. If you haven’t heard of it, then how can it have 530,000 listeners? Seriously, that’s a lot of listens considering so few people who’ve ever heard of or used this site. So, the question is where are these plays coming from? If there were really that number of plays from a profile, that would indicate that N1M is the YouTube of music. Yet, lack of people knowing that site exists says that it isn’t. I’m fairly certain that you’ve known of YouTube for a long time, too.

    I’ve had a ‘pro’ account there in the past. And while I did get a large number of plays as ‘pro’, small random likes and even fewer ‘unusual’ comments, there seems to be just something a bit hokey about all of that. If there were really that many people playing music on this site, then there would be a heck of a lot more known and commercial artists springing from this site. Yet, that hasn’t happened. Something is off over there. I suspect that when you pay for pro, the N1M staff stroke your ego by inflating these numbers internally rather than seeing legitimate plays. No hard evidence on that, but that’s just what I experienced.

    • The Wiz says:

      Well said Brian – it does seem like the numbers across the whole site are enormous. I’ve looked at A TON of profiles in the last few days trying to figure out what’s happening and all kinds of people have 100k+ listens. It’s interesting to hear that your ‘pro’ account yielded strange activity as well…thanks for the feedback.

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