Anyone with a smartphone, or small bit of social media savvy is aware of the millions of useful web applications, or “apps” available to consumers.  Most of everything I do on my phone is done through an app. When I log into Twitter to tell people of my mundane daily activities, I use the twitter app. Logging into facebook on my phone, I do it through an app. Checking my mail, yup, through an app. This blog I am writing on my computer, guess what, I am doing it on an app on my desktop. Apps are a very useful and quick way to access information, and complete various tasks in the technology and the social media world. Lately, we have been seeing many recording artists create their own applications for their fans to connect with them in a very unique, exclusive, and exciting way. Even some of our artists at Fame Wizard, like Shy Blakeman, have their own apps! They key is to not just have a useless app, for sake of having an app. It is more useful when you can create an app that is a compelling and interesting way for your fans to connect with you. That is what makes an app popular and effective. Singer songwriter ZZ Ward (no relation to ZZ Top) just released her own app that has been making waves in the news headlines. The app is called “365 Days of ZZ Ward.”

ZZ-Ward-Til-the-Casket-Drops-2012-1200x1200ZZ Ward, born Zsuszsanna Eva Ward, in Abington, Pennsylvania in 1986. She came to LA early in her music career, and after a few years of playing the LA club scene, she was signed to Boardwalk Entertainment/Hollywood Records. She then began to release free mixtapes that featured collaborations with many artists like Kendrick Lamar, Pete Rock, Ryan Tedder, and many more hot music industry artists and producers. Ward’s first mixtape, “Criminal EP”, had a sampled beat from hip-hop artist Freddie Gibbs’s songs “Oil Money.” Gibbs was so impressed with Ward’s version, that he contacted her to make an appearance on her forthcoming mixtape. Check out this live in studio version of Ward’s song “Criminal,” featuring Freddie Gibbs.

After garnering much industry and street buzz with her mixtape, Ward began to start to lay down tracks for her next release, “Eleven Roses”, which had more of her interpretations of various hot songs blowing up at the time. She followed up her mixtape releases, with landing some lucrative TV placements on shows like “Pretty Little Liars”, and MTV’s “Awkward.” She eventually released her major label debut, “Till The Casket Drops” on October 16th, 2012. To promote the release, ZZ Ward performed on many talk shows like the Jay Leno Show, and Conan. Check out the video for her song “ Put The Gun Down” here


This week, ZZ Ward launched a “one of a kind” web app called “365 Days of ZZ Ward.” The app uses Facebook’s open graph feature to engage with her dedicated fanbase and build a fan driven timeline. The timeline is supposed to document the app user’s history with ZZ Ward, based on how much they have interacted with her on Facebook. The idea is for fans to be able to access and locate the specific time when they first had connected with ZZ Ward on Facebook, which the first screen the user sees will be able to tell them. The timeline will also show their experiences, connection, and contact with her. Fans are also encouraged to continually spread the word about ZZ Ward and engage in all the available content featured on the app. By doing so, ZZ Ward’s fans who use the app will be able to unlock new and exclusive content, prior to anyone else NOT using the app being able to do so. The exclusive content is unlocked through a point system. More content will become available and be unlocked, the more points the app users accumulate. This will involve contributing to the app’s Official ZZ Ward Timeline, among other ways. Ward’s fans can unlock the exclusive content and accumulate points by following Ward on twitter, watching her videos on VEVO, or even sharing her album, among many other ways.



ZZ Ward’s app was built by Chicago based design and development firm, “Eyes & Ears Entertainment.” Check out their great site and

amazing client list that includes; Justin Timberlake, John Mayer, Johnny Cash, and Linkin Park, among others. A representative from Eyes & Ears recently said regarding the development of the app, “365 Days of ZZ Ward’ timeline was created for ZZ fans. It’s core is about identifying and taking ownership of when they first discovered ZZ Ward and spreading the word about an artist they love through the content she creates.”


The ZZ Ward app was initially supposed to only offer four unlockable rewards for fans, but the flexibility in the design offers the designers to evolve the app into adding more unlockable content and exclusives. This is a big plus for the app. Other music app’s just coincide with an artist’s particular upcoming or current music release. The ZZ Ward “365 Days App” will last much longer than just the life of an album. It is not designed to promote one particular release or hers. This app gives ZZ Ward and her fans the ability to build a connection over time, as well as being able to sustain the connection. This is essential, considering the success and viability of any musician’s music career depends on their ability to build and maintain a connection with fans.

ZZ Ward

Feel free to check out the “365 Days of ZZ Ward” app for yourself.

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  1. Nikki says:

    This is amazing. Not only are you focusing on an upcoming artist, but you are introducing these apps when myself, and a lot of others are not even aware these exist. My big question is, how do you promote this as a tool so people are aware this is a huge chance for fans to get more engaged?

  2. scott alexander says:

    Great idea! Everyone can learn from each other, isn’t life a great place to be.

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