We have a new site…cool right?  Got some feedback?  Drop it below in the comments section or shoot us an e-mail.  In case you’re new to what we do here and somehow landed on our blog first, take a quick tour around the site to see who we are and what we do.  You can even take a look at the site we’ve been on since late 2009 HERE.  We’ll get the domain straightened out and all of the coursework consolidated ASAP, but hopefully you find this new platform as easy to use and enjoyable as we do and can put up with some transitional time as we get a slick and modern solution dialed in for the growing number of Artists we serve.

One big upgrade you’ll notice (hopefully), is this blog.  Anytime you see a post from “The Wiz,” that’s me, Tony Delmercado, Operations Manager.  Anytime you see one from “The Commish,” as you probably already guessed it’s from our Head Talent Scout and A&R veteran, David Stern.  Ghezzi will post from time to time, as will special guests, Advisory Board Members and hopefully even a few of YOU, the amazing and inspiring Artists we get to work with.

Also, be sure to get in contact with your Coach or myself if you’ve got contests, massive gigs or big news to share.  The opportunities to do so on our new platform are even greater with deeper ReverbNation integration and enhanced sharing features across the entire site.  Keep on rocking and let us know what we can do better.  I’m proud as heck to be coming up on the 3 year mark for us as a team here at Fame Wizard® and it’s been a real pleasure.  I look forward to our continued growth together in the years to come.

All the best,

Tony D.

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