Used to be, having a #1 hit in Billboard meant everything. Today being the #1 hit on number-one-hitsGoogle means everything. Huh?

So much focus is put on increasing your SEO, and paying top dollar to your “web guy” to get you there. Sure, you can buy a slot at the top, just like you could buy a slot on the music charts back in the day. However, if your site, product, art, video, music or service doesn’t consistently raise eyebrows, or doesn’t resonate, no Google ranking will make a difference. More “hits” don’t always translate into better results.

I think if what you have to offer is worth bookmarking, downloading and sharing, then it will spread faster than any SEO strategy. If it doesn’t get shared, or if you can’t manage to get people to follow you or subscribe to your world, or if you’re slowly losing customers and fans, it’s probably time to go back in the studio, or barricade yourself in your creative space and start over. That’s not a bad thing. Like the warning light on your dashboard, it’s warning you that something needs to be done. You need to take some sort of “smart action.”

I think there are circumstances when optimizing a site for search engines can be beneficial. I also believe that an intelligent marketing plan is the one that creates a unique, invaluable and unforgettable benefit for the end user, and builds a continuous following of devoted fans and customers for you. So that you can continue to live the independent life of a crazy, genius artist/entrepreneur. Make sense?”

The Words of J Michael Dolan. So true…

Do you spend all your time chasing songs? Are you trying to find that perfect hit single?You can hold onto your work too long and kill the heart and soul of your music by trying to force a hit. Letting go is the hardest part. You spend countless hours in the studio, tracking, editing, overdubbing, and the endless mixing is never done. It has got to be perfect. No one knows what “perfect” is in the music world. It’s a total mystery why a song resonates with people. All you can do is write when you are inspired get a great recording and then let it go!If you reach out to people from all walks of life with a variety of interests and you are reaching out across genres you have a much better shot of hitting your mark. It doesn’t make  sense to say you want to have a ‘hit’ and then only market inside your genre and city. A rap artist may dig a heavy rock artist or a pop singer might really love to hear bluegrass. You don’t know. A million things about a song can speak to people.  Maybe it’s something reminiscent in the melody or a line in the lyric that conjurers up memories of a lost love. Everyone interprets songs and lyrics from their own experiences.

“I just need that one person to hear my music and then that will be it.”If you work in the music industry you hear that at least once a day. Everyone is looking to be discovered somehow… magically. That one person…and you know what? They are right. You do need one person to hear your music. One fan than hears your song and is blown away can make all the difference. They hear it, share it, others are blown away and they can’t get enough. That’s how a hit is born today. The fan hears it, it is undeniable and bam, it starts to take off. You don’t have to post the hit song over and over and convince people it’s great, they KNOW it is…

You will never believe that. You know that secretly the industry hasn’t changed one bit, the Internet means nothing and a Major Label rep with hear your song, give you a development deal with a huge advance and then you will be a star. Yes, we have all been hiding the truth from you. Cd’s are selling like hot cakes, money if flowing like lava and it’s twenty years ago. I guess if you never read, haven’t tried to sell a CD in the last few years and you live in denial, that all sounds about right.

You can go into any major recording studio and see thousands of reels of tape stacked up on the walls. Those aren’t the tapes of hit records, they are dead soldiers, the projects that never saw the light of day. You couldn’t let go and finish the project, so you wasted thousands of dollars, never released the music and it is now sitting on a shelf collecting dust. Sad but true, “perfect” can get you nowhere fast. Do your best, work with a great engineer/producer if you decide to go that route and then let it go!Move on. Move on with your music and move on to where the Industry really is today. Holding onto what you ‘want’ to be true about the music industry will only frustrate and confuse you. Embrace the fact that music is free and streaming…everywhere. Embrace that the real power now lies with your fans. Embrace that you can suck the soul out of a recording tweaking it to death and it still won’t be a ‘hit.’Embrace that you are DIY artist. That seems to be the hardest part for artists today. DIY. They want to have a team of people doing it for them. Only that doesn’t work or exist anymore either. It doesn’t exist in any REAL way, not unless you are very well-known, already have hit songs and millions of fans. Your team is your street team, and a valuable team at that.  You need to connect with your fans, you need to connect. They want to know what makes you tick, what are you interested in, what have you got to say?Make yourself accessible to your fans and they will do anything for you. Don’t put yourself above them, take time to get to know them. You have the power to chat them with everyday on twitter and facebook. You can find out everything you need to know about what will work to market your music. Ask your fans. Wondering if a demo is almost finished? Ask your fans. Thinking about a new poster idea? Ask your fans. Not sure which radio station you should approach for airplay? What stations do your fans listen to and can they put in a word for you?Ask. Give them the power.


You can keep trying to find that ‘perfect’ song or you can be prolific put your work out and let it fly! What are you waiting for ?

J Michael Dolan knows…

— Things to get better.
— The kids to grow up.
— The inheritance to finally come in.
— All your ducks to get in a row.
— Till you get it just the way you want it.
— Business to get better.
— Others to realize your genius.
— The tech train to slow down.
— Record companies to start developing talent again.
— Things to go back to the way they were.
— Your mate to get a decent paying job.
— Your shrink to tell you your ok.
— The right timing.
— Your ship to come in.
— Someone to discover you.
— Investors to pony up.
— Home prices to go down.
— Your health to improve.
— All this “change” to stop changing.
— The holidays to pass.
It’s not about waiting for the perfect time to begin the journey; it’s about using the time we have to get us there.

4 Responses to Perfect Perfect Perfect

  1. Nikki G says:

    Very nice! I can really relate to this in many ways. I have experienced MOST of the people I have had consultations with think like that. They all think they are the next up and coming. And just like that, they think they will change the world of music because they are that good. And, I always hate to burst their bubble every single time lol. I also relate to it because I sometimes hear a song and say, “Wow, that is good enough to be on the radio”..but really I have to step back and say, I’m only one person and the only way to find out is to get it out there and see what everyone else thinks of it.

    • Ghezzi says:

      Hey Nikki!Art is so subjective that you never know what might hit, and when. When Led Zeppelin first started, the critics hated them and for a long time. How many artists today would just quit if they got that kind of heat?You have to let go and put your music out there. Some may love it, some may hate it, but criticism is part of the game. You have to be thick skinned in this business…or you’ll never last.

  2. Gaby Gold says:

    What a great start to my day. Very freeing and inspirational. Lots to meditate on. THANK YOU and Happy Thanksgiving!

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