It’s mind-boggling that people can ignore email. It sits for days weeks, sometimes 1362855219_iStock_SleepingBabymonths going unanswered. I wonder how many amazing opportunities pass musicians by because they never saw the email? Seriously? Whatever happened to curiosity of those creative minds? What if the best news of your career is sent to you through email and you just never bothered to open it? Even more amazing is that when a musician sends out an email to their fans, they are baffled as to why their fans deleted it. Really? Maybe you never responded to them, or they looked at the stats and saw that you deleted their letter without ever opening it. Yes, they can see that. Why should they give damn about what you have to say? Think about your own habits and then put yourself in the mindset of your fans. They don’t really know you, maybe they have never even met you, so why should they care about your email? YOU aren’t even opening mail from friends and co workers. What’s up with that anyway? Or…you open your mail but don’t really read the content. So if you respond it doesn’t make sense to the sender and they think you are an idiot. Great way to jump-start your career! This is basic stuff and doesn’t require anyone to be a rocket scientist. Pay attention, open your mail and respond appropriately. Simple.

Squandering opportunities is silly and offending people by ignoring them, especially if they want to offer you something is nuts. It’s like being a professional musician blasting your EPK out across a hundred venues, then having a block on your phone. Ha! Maybe the promoter doesn’t want anyone to have their private number. You’ll never know however because they couldn’t get in touch with you. Brilliant. Most music Industry professionals use private numbers or Skype. Stop hiding and make sure everyone can easily reach you at any time. Is your voice mail full as well? Rookie move. You don’t have time to clear your voice mail? Bet you aren’t listening to the messages either. Are you offended when you don’t get hired for gigs or when you aren’t getting attention from fans of agents that you really want to notice you? Maybe it’s your communication style or lack of it that’s the problem. No one is going to chase you, call you more than once or repeatedly email you if you are tough to reach. They will move on and give the opportunity meant for you to the next person in line. No one is that good. Promoters, agents, managers, and yes, even labels run from difficult artists. There isn’t time, resources, energy or any reason to put up with musicians who don’t communicate. They are labeled “difficult” and then it makes it tough to get work. Word travels quickly in this day and age. Booking agents talk to each other and steer clear of problem children. It’s just not worth it.


Is this post talking about you? If you are reading it, then at least you bothered to open your email. Think about your own habits and professional decorum, and then put yourself into the mindset of your fans. When you send them emails, make sure that you engage them openly and be genuine. Fan can smell a disingenuous person and they will delete you every time. Be honest be yourself and respond to your fans in a timely manner. Be respectful. I love this post by CD Baby about newsletters. Spot On. Check it out and see if you are guilty of any of these DON’TS when emailing your updates.

“Well, I’ll just put the most important news upfront,” this poor fool thinks. “This way, if my fans don’t read the whole thing they’ll at least read about my new album.”

Unfortunately, your fans probably won’t even read THAT far into your newsletter — because your five-paragraph email exhausted them from the start.”

Keep it brief and for God’s sake, open your own email. If you miss that grand opportunity you will have no one to blame but yourself. Have a clear conscience about all of this? How do YOU sleep?


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  1. Nikki G says:

    Flipping fantastic Ghezzi!! I seriously went through this Friday with someone. It’s the easiest task to do. Just open the emails and get through them, plain and simple.

    • Ghezzi says:

      You’d think something so simple would never be ignored but, not so!Really crazy to have all this technology and then ignore it all and miss out on everything. Baffling to me!

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