It would be difficult to argue against a bigger game-changer in the world of music, and the world in general for that matter, than social media. The interconnectedness of humanity is something that we could never have predicted 30 years ago  I remember watching Back to the Future and keeping my fingers crossed for a hoverboard like the one Marty McFly rocked…still waiting.  The “future” is here and though we don’t have flying cars or teleportation devices yet, the advancements in social communication and our vast ability to connect with others all over the globe is mind boggling.  If you take a step back and really think about how crazy it is that you can record a track in your basement, push it to the web and some kid in a developing country who just came across the internet can hear YOUR music – it’s just plain nuts.

With all of this communication has come a fundamental shift in how information is aggregated, shared and consumed and more importantly, it seems that authority on a particular subject has shifted as well. Today there are still thought leaders and voices in the community at large who have collected a large number of followers, fans or subscribers and that will continue to be the case in the years to come.  However, I find that many of the people I talk to see the real authority of information in how many other people subscribe to the same school of thought.  If a blogger has a million subscribers, he or she must be credible.  If they have an advanced degree and 30 years of experience (but no social proof) – they’re nobody.

This shift is wildly important to understand if you’re an aspiring Artist looking to gain meaningful insights in to the way the music business of today actually works. It’s counter-intuitive in today’s society to pay attention to the voices with smaller reach because our social media conscious brains don’t give credence to something until it’s gained traction with the masses. The problem in that kind of thinking is that information can be filtered and followers can be bought by those with a vested interest in appearing authoritative. The real trick in knowing who to trust in the world today can often just come straight from your gut and being open to the possibility of something you didn’t know existed.

Be cautious about blindly trusting information that’s out there publicly, be critical in your analysis of sources, question the motives behind what you’re reading (even this!) and make sure you are doing homework for yourself.  It’s easy to flock with the masses and go to the path of least resistance.  Unfortunately, that path is usually pretty beaten down and often not the one where you’ll find what you are really looking for. With all of the information available to us today and the myriad “experts” on every topic under the sun, the task of finding people who really know what’s up and that you can identify with is daunting.

We get (unsolicited) feedback from time to time from our Artists who have something to say about our service.  Because we’re at the front of the curve in the new music business paradigm, wide-scale adoption of our methods and ideals can take time. I love when we get e-mails like the one below and though we don’t have a million followers yet, I think we’re well on our way.

I dont know where to begin! My name is Tommy~T~ and I want to be a successful country Artist but before I found Fame Wizard I wasn’t so sure that I was…I talked with David Stern on our very 1st call for almost two hours …and now I call David Stern my friend…he helped me so much not just with business, just listened through my whole musical journey that I’ve been on since I was 17 years old! And didn’t rush me he seemed like he truly cared about what i was going through…I emotionally felt the connection with me and Mr. Stern he definitely knows how to make You feel more than welcome! It was more like welcome to our family! And please keep in mind that I was not a Fame Wizard artist at this time….however once I signed on with Fame Wizard …it’s still the same! So it’s not about the money!!!!! It’s about helping with your hopes and dreams most important (THE MUSIC) then when I became an Artist I met my new friend (GHEZZI) and with her straight forward attitude I couldn’t be more happy with her! She is the best! I feel I am home here at Fame Wizard…especially what I’ve gone through and scams in this business already…I had given up hope till I stumbled on an ad on Craigslist …I almost didn’t call but! I figured they can’t tell me something I don’t know already …and my gut said give it a shot see what happens …so I did and was I ever wrong …and for once I’m so glad I was! Because being a Fame Wizard Artist is an honor! And don’t think I’ll ever leave …I love Dave  and Ghezzi….and I don’t want to take this musical journey alone! And I found out I don’t have to…and that means everything to me…

Your friend,



Image via Bunk Class