I read this article on SoundCtrl and was admittedly curious to see what other people thought about the idea.  A Singapore-based company has created (what they think) is a way to curb online piracy – incentivize the pirates.  Users with a Tell My Friends account can purchase songs online for $1.60 each.  They are then offered the opportunity to link to the music on a variety of social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and by email.  Each time someone clicks on the shared link and purchases the song, the original sharer earns $0.21 from each purchase.  A tiered system offers the additional money for up to 10 tiers, at a lower percentage each time, each time additional friends share your link and purchase music.

The CEO of Tell My Friends says that he hopes to “counter piracy NOT by technology or enforcement, but by positive reinforcement of the right behavior.”  This is surely and admirable sentiment and for those of us who paid the $5 to stream Louis CK or $10 for In Rainbows, it makes a ton of sense…BUT…are we perhaps replacing the nusiance of piracy with the MEGA-nuisance of multi-level-marketing or even more solicitous shit through my social platforms?!!?!

Here’s hoping not,

Tony D.

Watch the video below to see how Tell My Friends works.

Image and Video via TechInAsia

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