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Kool John

YesLord  – Joined August 2011

Sinatra (AKA JSin) – Joined November 2011

Electric Child – Joined March 2012

3pm – Joined July 2012

(Signed to Sunset Records/Interscope in Jan. 2013)

Kendrick Dial & The Lyrical Groove – Joined July 2011


“l wanted to say how great it’s been to work with [Head Coach] Ghezzi. She understands her artists because she is one. She just gets it.  She knows the struggle and it’s really empowering to have someone like her in your corner and pulling for you. I’ve had managers who were far less invested. I’ve been doing this a long time and I’ve never worked with anyone so genuine. So kudos for having a great eye for talent and letting your coaches be themselves. With the industry having changed so much since my last album cycle she has truly been a life preserver. And man are those Indie waters deep and dark sometimes.” – Ben, musician/songwriter/producer

“At first, I was skeptical about another dead end for Independent Artists. In less than a month my Fame Wizard® coach has been like having my own personal manager. They are getting my career going in a direction that can create more income for me. Fame Wizard® is the new paradigm for the music industry. They are going where no one has gone before.” – Merry, award winning singer/songwriter

“Fame Wizard has definitely been a blessing for me and my band’s growth. And just an FYI, Ghezzi is wonderful, the mentorship portion of the program is hands down one of the best ideas/needs of the music industry. I think this process adds a validity that most people don’t connect with the arts. My initial discussion with David was truly a connection, I appreciated the fact that he was transparent and screening me as well. I really felt like he/Fame Wizard was looking for quality and not quantity. I’ve told many artists about you, not sure if they have followed up, but if not their loss. The curriculum is top notch as well, really offers insight.” – Ryan, lead guitarist/songwriter

“It is amazing to me that my musical life took a leap forward by answering one little ad about my music career.  Luckily, David Stern clearly walked me through the program and I found myself excited and nervous about taking this unknown journey.  I thought I understood the music industry and like most musicians I had this preconceived notion about how we were going to ‘make it.’  Thankfully, my coach Ghezzi had a plan for me to implement and ideas that I needed to adopt on how to gain fans, get more shows and create buzz.  My band has gone from #440 on the ReverbNation charts to as high as #10!  We have won the Battle of Bands, have been featured in the biggest newspaper in South Florida, play gigs on command and will be featured in a local art and music magazine with 80,000 copies distributed throughout the area.  In just five short months we have taken a great upswing in activity. Bands and promoters are calling us for shows now!  When did that happen? It has gone by so fast!  Honestly, I feel like I haven’t even done 80% of what Ghezzi has advised me to do.  It’s so amazing to me that last year at this time we were struggling to find our fanbase and voice and now we are a solid band rising in the ranks of the South Florida market.  Fame Wizard has taught me to be the CEO of my music business and has kept me on my toes with the academy courses.  The Webinars are enlightening and where else can you connect with industry giants? The answer is nowhere. Thanks to Tony Delmercado my excitment and commitment to my band and to Fame Wizard is also extending to help other musicians seek the genius of Fame Wizard. This company is truly cutting edge and I am honored to be a part of it!  If you have never heard of the new music paradigm then you need to sign up right NOW! ” – Michael, guitarist

“Fame Wizard® has been a great help to me in developing effective and clever career options for my music business. My coach has worked closely with me to market my brand so that it is personalized and reflects the intentions of my music. Ghezzi has offered enthusiastic and frequent suggestions for inexpensive or free marketing to bring my music to many people who are in my target audience. I am extremely grateful to work with Fame Wizard® and I plan to continue working with them in the future.” – Anthony, rapper/producer

“Fame Wizard is an extremely unique and valuable service that any musician who is looking to advance their career should explore. Where else can you find industry experts who are in your corner, helping you stay current on the ever changing music industry? With rapidly evolving technology, it is difficult for musicians, busy enough being musicians, to keep up with new trends. With Fame Wizard, you have constant access to music business professionals who are enthusiastic about the success of their customers and will help to navigate the complicated process of making a business out of playing music. It is so easy for musicians to be rock-stars in their minds and in the comfort of their own living rooms, but getting out to share it with the world is the real challenge.  Fame Wizard helped me to quickly realize my status within the evolution of a working musician and set goals aimed at reaching the next level. With Fame Wizard, truly the more you are involved, the more you get out of it.  It is a phenomenal opportunity for any aspiring musician who wants to work hard, and take control of the fate of their music career. I am grateful to be on their roster of musicians.” -Drew, singer/songwriter/guitarist

“My career strategist Ghezzi and the rest of the staff at Fame Wizard are directly responsible for not only instantaneously turning my career around, but have also given me the tools and knowledge needed to keep myself and my business successful in the ever competitive world of music and entertainment. Their experience, education and guidance have taught me how to make my brand distinguishable from the thousands of other artists/bands vying for exposure in the music business. I am finally prepared for the success I am currently enjoying and with there continued support, will be ready for anything that comes my way in the future.”  – Shy, singer/songwriter/guitarist


“It’s because of Ghezzi that I am back out there booking shows and performing again. Before FAMEWIZARD I had chosen to take another route in my songwriting career, purely a songwriter, writing for others and focusing on getting my songs placed in movies and on tv and in commercials. I found myself stepping away from the stage and spending my time, online, in songwriting classes, honing my skills and doing hours and hours of music business. This was not bad, in any way, it just was not the smartest route to take to get to where I wanted to go.

What Ghezzi made me see is that being in the public eye is the best way to achieve what I want, in the long run. I was willing to listen to her advice. What has happened is pretty awesome. Over the past two months now, I have formed a duet group and we are now booking gigs throughout the summer at wineries and restaurants. I also just signed on with a label who’s working with me to book my own Spring / Summer /Fall / East Coast Tour. I have gotten back on the court so quickly is just insane. It’s like a whole new world has just been put in front of me and it’s all so exciting. Yes, I work long hours on my music and the business. I’d say like 7 to 14 hours a day. But from my willingness to take direction from wise people, like Ghezzi, I get to experience different results now. I am simply trying a different angle with my career. And I need help, I need feedback and I need a strong community of artists, industry and fans to stand beside me as I chose to make a living doing what I absolutely love to do, write music and perform it live!
The name of this game is do the work and the rest will follow. So, thank you Ghezzi, for turning on that lightbulb again. I have been reunited with this buring desire that I thought was no more. I truly love entertaining and performing and I do believe that everything will go full circle and I will get placements on tv and film and all the rest, but first I gotta get back out there, as I am now doing again, and let the world know who I am. It’s up to me to do the work. It’s up to me to ask for what I need. It’s up to me to learn the tricks of the trade and to be around those like minded people that have shown that when you want something, you gotta make sure you’ve created a solid plan. Then, just stay focused and be patient and the rest will unfold. It takes time, there are no guarantees, but you’ll never know unless you give it your all!” – Jennifer, singer/songwriter


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