I just love jay-Z. The man is just too cool. It isn’t just his ridiculous talent and creativity but his killer work ethic that slays me. Named by Forbes as one of the most financially successful entrepreneurs of 2012, and it all started in the projects of Brooklyn. He is truly a self made man that shows all Independent Artists that it can be done. Every label turned him down so he went Indie and released “Reasonable Doubt” which has been named one of Rolling Stones greatest albums of all time. Yep, and it went platinum too, love it.

So, an amazing American Dream story. Did it happen overnight? Nope. Insane talent and a  positive attitude got him where he is now. But what I love most about Jay-Z is his ability to connect with people. I talk to the Artists I manage all the time about talking TO their fans and not AT them. If your fans can’t connect with you as a person they want to know, they will never support you as an artist. You have to reach the people and Jay-Z does just that. Check out this amazing encounter where Jay-Z takes the subway to a gig and meets a woman who has no clue who he is…ha!…it’s priceless.

BTW, if you think Jay-Z doesn’t still need to be schooled a bit, Google his recent encounter with Robert De Niro after he neglected to return Bob’s calls. Ooh, bad move. You talkin to me?


– Ghezzi, Head Coach

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  1. Mike Alexander says:

    Can Blow everything from Sinatra to Kem,(versatile second tenor) with volume control and range. Just started to work on composing a demo disc.

    P.S. Highly successful sales/marketing career having obtained National awards in Insurance,Real Estate and Construction sales.(A&R)

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